I'm here to learn, understand and solve problems by listening, enabling, and uniting teams. Whether it's interaction, service, or people, my goal is to make things better for everyone.

I started as a Junior UX Researcher and my focus was largely website transformation projects, delving into work such as Information Architecture & Navigation, Language & Content, and UI. HCD and User-Centered Design (UCD) was all the rage back then. It was all about engaging with users, understanding their needs, and designing websites & apps that met their needs. But at its core, it was about people – customers.

As I evolved, my work encompassed a broader perspective, one that looked beyond the interface and delved into the organisation itself. I began exploring how teams were structured to support the customer experience, transitioning into service design. This work was heavily research-oriented, focused on the inner workings of organisations, internal teams, and processes, while exploring how orchestrating these parts could impact a service interaction. Still, it remained centered on people - customers and staff.

Then came the UI design era, I found myself immersed in the intricacies of pixel-perfect craftsmanship. I discovered innovative ways to elevate design standards and streamline the management and creation of interfaces. It was about efficiency not only for designers but also for the teams who relied on this content – designers, developers, and yes, still about people.

Over the past 5 or 6 years, I've synthesised these experiences to improve things for the people who use our product or service and the people behind the scenes. I’ve re-shaped thinking, lead strategic initiatives and made people happier.


Usability Engineering

I love all things usability, I've researched and evaluated websites, navigation, forms, apps, service experiences, hardware, way-finding and more

Design and Conduct Usability Research
Establish Usability standards and Practices
Design and Implement Task Evaluation Scorecards and Frameworks
Facilitator Coaching and Training


User Research

I've worked on a range of research initiatives, from building practices and advocacy to designing and conducting studies and coaching designers

Generative such as Contextual Inquiry, Diary Studies
Evaluative such as Product Usability, Information Architecture
Surveys such as Contextual Feature Based NPS
Research Ops and Coaching


UX & Product Design

I've worked as a dedicated UX and UI and Product Designer, owning the strategic direction of a product and working collaboratively to improve the experience end-to-end

Digital Product Strategy
Interaction and UI design
UI Design Documentation and Specifications


Service Design

I enjoy the orchestration of business, customers and the moving parts which all combine to create a service experience. I enjoy studying these parts and improving the experience for the business and the customer

Data and Analytics
Service Value Proposition and Concept Testing
Service Blueprinting
Employee Experience


Strategic Design

I enjoy using strategic design to develop an approach to understanding and solving organisational problems, and utilising human-centered design as an innovation framework

Organisational Co-Design
Customer Experience
Staff Experience
Digital Strategy


Coaching and Mentoring

I enjoy coaching and mentoring designers and non-designers on all of these topics and helping others to think, work and live more strategically

Working and Thinking Strategically
Communicating Effectively
Working Purposefully, On Purpose
Growth and Goal Metrics