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I enjoy working with designers, cross-functional teams, founders and leaders to improve research, design, strategy and delivery. My work is about helping others to get really clear about how they want to live and work, and how we can work together to make this happen.

"Mark's knowledge and passion for research, design and people are among his many strengths. Mark's support as a mentor and design leader has been instrumental to me and my growth as a design practitioner. He took the time to coach and support me which resulted in a safe space for me to learn and grow, and develop my craft as UX design and researcher."

Testimonial from Senior UX Designer @NAB (Jimmy)

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  • Increase form completion rates from 10 to 50 per cent
  • Half the time to completing an application, down from 90 minutes to 47 minutes
  • Reduce customer service calls about applications by 12% per cent
  • Cut the time spent on manual handling of applications by registry staff by five hours per day ($800,000 Per Year)
  • Improved the quality and information of form applications
  • Increased access to justice, by making it easier to apply for people representing themselves.
  • Won the clear communication award for the 2019 "Best Online Form"
My measurable impact

"Mark played a significant leadership role in transforming digital products and services at VCAT. He’s comfortable working at all levels, from shaping organisational, research and CX design strategy, to ideation, co-design and high fidelity UI. Mark is rigorous on the tools, thoughtful and considered in his approach and able to demonstrate value to users and the business quickly. That’s why he achieved the buy-in and confidence of initially resistant senior stakeholders. He’s a generous collaborator and a great partner in uplifting capability and driving better ways of working."

Testimonial from my manager

A form system

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Using Human-centred design to improve access to justice and reimagine forms @ VCAT

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