Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

I designed a digital product strategy to optimise and convert MYOB trial users into paid platform subscribers

Digital Product Strategy

Continuous On-boarding

User Research - Evaluative Concept Testing

UX and Product Design

Product Management & Feature Prioritisation

MYOB is an accounting product that helps your manage your accounting and tax requirements. When I joined, the business was interested in better understanding why users who had signed up for a trial weren't signing up for paid accounts. I leveraged insights which addressed some of the issues and conducted further research and analysis.

The outcome was a digital product strategy that centred on continuous on-boarding and understanding the relationship between critical setup activities and platform adoption.

The work was included research, strategy, on-boarding and product design.

There was lots of research studies that had been completed, such as studying the needs of small businesses, language comprehension and content, path-to-purchase and other website benchmarking and usability. Whist I was keen to do my own research, it was important to leverage the knowledge that we had already acquired.

Leverage existing insights

In-order to support users we needed to design a framework to help them setup and manage their business not just during a trial, but as their relationship with the product develops overtime. This work studied the kinds of activities that would setup their experience for success and help them quickly realise the value of what MYOB can offer. Once users saw value, they were obviously more likely to sign-up for a paid account.

On-boarding as a strategy

On-boarding or anything really, cannot be done in isolation. As it touched on every part of the organisation, we needed to partner with the enterprise to unite the teams and collaborate on a complex and important initiative.

Enterprise-wide engagement model

You are reviewing a high-level overview of this project and below you can view some examples of work and artefacts that were developed during this initiative. For a detailed case-study of this work, please reach out!


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